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Rob Dunn

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Our Winners So Far:

Elizabeth Gray (Organic Beef Jerky - Sweet'n'Spicy) Kodak, TN
Angel DeLeon (Natural Beef Jerky Slab Style Original) Abilene, TX
Ellen Ernst (Savory Beef Steak Sticks Peppered) Hutchinson, KS
Mari Kursun (Original Turkey Jerky) Knoxville, TN
Sharon Walling (Natural Beef Jerky Extra Tender) Two Rivers, WI
Courtney Jones (Natural Beef Jerky Extra Tender) Aurora, CO
Ruth Sharp (Organic Beef Jerky - Original) Empire, CA
John Murphy (Buffalo Jerky - Teriyaki) Yakima, WA
(Read what John's thoughts were!)

Congratulations to the above Winners! See below to join them!


Welcome to the Super6Power Team's Jerky Drawing!

As a member of the Super6Power Team, I am proud to invite you to enter the drawing for two FREE bags of Jerky Direct Premium Jerky!

First, let's go through the Rules of the Drawing.

RULES of Entry

1. Only ONE entry per household. (Not person, not computer, not email address!)

2. Full name (First and Last) and Email address are required. You may view all the flavors Here (opens a new window). If you do not enter a desired flavor and you win, we will contact you for the flavor you want shipped to you. If you fill in the last two items, expect us to contact you in the very near future with information.

3. Valid email addresses only! This is essential if we are to contact you and tell you if you won!

4. You must have a U.S. (including APO/FPO) address to enter. This item can only be shipped at this time to U.S. addresses, including US Territories and APO/FPO. You can enter the drawing even though you are outside the U.S. if you can give us a U.S. address (of a friend, perhaps?) should you be chosen as the winner. (We will contact you for the address when you win!)

5. One winner will be chosen from every 15 entries completed. You therefore have a 1 in 15 chance of winning!

6. That's enough! Let's get to the Entry form.

Full Name:
Flavor you desire::
Business information (Yes or No)::

Under no circumstances will your information be sold, given away, traded or used for anything but administering this drawing and providing relevant information to you.

Notice: In addition to entering you into the Drawing, the form above activates a short series of messages, giving you more information about Jerky Direct and the Super6Power Team. In each message, there is a link that allows you to unsubscribe from these messages at any time, but unsubscribing from the messages also removes you from the Drawing!

Thank you for taking the time to Enter our Drawing!

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We hope you win!

Rob Dunn
Jerky Lover (and Distributor)
and Co-Founder, Super6Power Team (Take the Tour!)

P.S.: To learn more about this company, the products, our Team, and the opportunity we are involved in, just click the link under my name!

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