Testimonials for the Super6Power Team's
Drawing for 2 FREE Bags of Jerky!

"I recently won the Jerky Drawing from this Team. I have to say this is by far and above the best jerky I have ever had in my life. For my winnings, I chose the Teriyaki Buffalo...I hunt and fish ALOT and jerky is usually the only thing I pack with me to munch on, so I have gone through one heck of alot of it. From my own home made, to home made by old friends who have been making it for years and really know what they are doing, to store bought. This Teriyaki Buffalo beat them all hands down! I cannot wait to try your other recipes!
Many thanks and good wishes for you and your team!"

John Murphy
Yakima, Washington

Brought to you by members of Super6Power Team!

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