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Welcome to
RU Marketing!

We know you are looking for a way (or ways) to make money online.

You might be surprised that we also know what one of your main problems is!

Making Money!

We also know what one of your other problems is!

Doing It Alone!

If making money with your online efforts seems to be eluding you, we want to help!

If you are struggling to promote your online business all by yourself, we KNOW we can help you!

You've probably heard it said that succeeding online, just like with any other worthy endeavor, requires several things:

  • Dedication
  • Willingness to Learn
  • Some of your Time and
  • A Good Deal of PERSEVERANCE!

(Fortunately, as you see, I left out "a fat bank account" - because you truly CAN start an online business with minimal - or even NO - start-up costs!)

Let me add that, to REALLY succeed online, you need


If you can 'bring to the table' your Dedication and Willingness to Learn, then I can show you how to get started in Minimum Time by working with Our Team.

Then, because it is NOT very difficult and it IS easy to understand, you will comfortably be able to Persevere and SUCCEED!


Start below.




Getting Started


Your Friend, Chewy Louie, can help you create a nice residual income without selling anything - just invite folks to a Free Tour!

Super6PowerTeam helps you get started and get going! Your dream of a part-time home business just became achievable!

Latest News
(Things that WORK!)

Do you use Safelists?

Do you realize there is only ONE kind of safelist where ALL the active members actually look at your ad?

Wouldn't you rather use the kind of safelist that offers members a real reason to scan and read your ad?

And wouldn't you rather use the kind of safelist where you send your ads as many times as you can rather than on a set schedule?

Yes? Then you need

Here's a list of my favorites:
AdTactics Safelist
Active Safelist
Get Your Ads Read
Global Safelist

Now, that makes sense, right?

Top Home Business Information
Welcome to the top home business information available online!

The R U Marketing PLAN
For Online SUCCESS!

First, you need a product that sells!

  1. How about one that over 40% of Americans (that's about 80 million folks!) buy - Every Month?
  2. How about one that is part of $2.7 BILLION in yearly sales?
  3. Click HERE to see it.

Second, you need latitude in finding your own way to introduce it to others!

  1. Direct Sales
  2. Network Marketing
  3. Internet Storefront
  4. Consignment Sales
  5. Fundraising
  6. Charitable Contributions
  7. and any other way you can think of!
  8. See this possibility!

Third, you need an easy-to-understand, easy-to-explain system

  1. Keep-It-Super-Simple philosophy
  2. Straight-forward pay plan
  3. No-minimum payouts

Fourth, you need the support of a team and the company!

  1. You get a company website
    (Check out mine here!)
  2. We have a Team website, with a Team rotator that has your ID included, to promote!
    (See our Team website in action here!)
  3. We give you several choices of your own websites to promote!
    A Sales Website like this one
    An Info Site like this one
    and many more options!
  4. We have toll-free Customer/Distributor Support
    (You will be given this when you become a customer or distributor!)
  5. You have your Sponsor, your Team Leader, and the Company to contact!
    You are NEVER left standing out in the cold again!

Isn't it time YOU joined a company and a team like THIS?

Read all the information on this webpage. When it is Time for You,

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