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Me, wearing my 'han-bok' -
a traditional Korean suit!

Let me
Introduce Myself!

(A Short Intro!)

You might know me as 'Rob Dunn' or 'RHale Dunn' online
but my family and friends call me 'Bob' or 'Rob'!


It was not too long ago (2002, in fact) that I, too, got started trying to make a living on the Internet.

I still work at my J.O.B. (it is a legal requirement to my continued presence where I am), but I am getting closer and closer to that 'island retreat' I envision for myself and my family!

Before I figured this all out, my wife and kids, my friends and neighbors, and of course my boss all thought I was 'certifiable'! It seemed to them that you had to be a 'big company' to make money on the Internet. (Of course, I probably thought that way once, too!)

And, then, there were all the programs that I tried!

Don't get me wrong - there are a lot of really GREAT programs (and products/services/activities) out there in cyberspace. The 'trick' is finding and being able to work the ones that mean the most to you - and that 'work' for you! Right?

If you are just starting out, I felt what you are going through!

OK, maybe my upbringing in conservative rural Kansas had something to do with my being so 'hard-headed', but I DID have visions of conquering the 'Net before I really knew what the he(ck) I was doing!

So it has taken a while and a few pains to get here, but I made it!

The point is - you can make it, too! Just have a dream that will keep you going, have commitment to seeing that dream become reality, and don't ever be afraid to ask for help!
And don't ever quit!

It's now your turn! You are going to make your Mark on the world!

But if you don't mind, I'd like to give you the benefit of my pain:

Start small and let yourself grow!

Find some small way to generate some income, as you will be burning through your credit cards if you don't!

Search studiously for something that you will be able to count on to bring you lots of money!

Study the Internet and whatever business you want to be in.

Learn how to market - start with marketing yourself. The marketing of whatever product you choose will be that much easier.

Develop your own style and learn to really 'relate' to people.

Enjoy yourself! This is not an arduous task - it's a simple, joyous celebration!

Good Luck!

And - Thanks for stopping by!



Here are a few of the other activities I am personally responsible for on the Internet:

BikiniHitz - HOT Traffic ala Bikinis!
(An autosurf traffic exchange)

(One-stop View-and-Shop Portal for Bikinis)

(Unique Traffic Generation System, using the combined Power of Certain Traffic Exchanges!)

B2B Banner
(A 3:2 Banner Exchange - 2500-credit Signup Bonus)

Party Across America with the SJTeam!
(My main Focus - Bringing Prosperity to Everyday Folks in America!)

Kunsan, Korea -
East Coast, USA -
Honolulu, Hawaii -

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